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LED magnifier luminaire

CIRCLED is supplied with biconvex magnifier made of scretch-resistant optical glass with a diameter of 120 mm and a magnification of 3 diopters (5 on demand). The 7 new generation LEDs with an average life cycle of about 50.000 hours provide an optimal lighting with a considerable costs decrease in terms of power consumption and maintenance. LEDs produce a white IR-free light without heat that does not change colours and can be used for several purposes.
CIRCLED is easy to be moved and positioned and has a simple and functional design. Its arm is strong and light at the same time and gives stability to the magnifier once positioned avoiding its lowering. Test has pointed out that even after more than 20.000 movings there is no wear and tear of the materials hence the light head remains in the desired position over the years. CIRCLED is easy to be used and its on/off switch is placed in the rear part of the arm.

CIRCLED is available in the following versions: Wall mounted, Table mounted, Adjustable height trolley




Medical lamp

STARLED1 EVO is the single LED lamp of the STARLED SERIES manufactured by ACEM Medical Company.
It is suitable for several medical specialties: dermatology, general medicine, gynaecology, diagnostics, cosmetic medicine, first aid and recovery room. It is a reliable product that assures excellent light intensity and low consumption (12W) at the same time.
Starled1 Evo has a functional design, is easy to move and its light head remains steady during its use once positioned. The lamp has a smooth and easy-to-clean surface to allow the best cleanliness. Its light beam is homogeneous and intense with 60.000 lux at 50 cm and producing a colour temperature of 4.500 °K and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95.
The innovative I–SENSE® touch panel allows to adjust light intensity and select the desired light level according to the different needs.

STARLED1 EVO is available with articulated or flexible arm and according to its final use can be provided with wall, rail and table clamp or be configured as ceiling or adjustable height trolley version.


LED light for examination and minor surgery

OLED15 is the LED examination light for diagnostics, minor surgery and universal applications.  It can be used for intensive care, recovery room, first aid, cosmetic surgery and dental sector. SOLED15 supplements the Starled Series range of lamps manufactured by ACEM Medical Company.
SOLED15 contains all the advantages of LED technology and is suitable for multi-purpose uses thanks to its flexibility.
It assures:

  • excellent light intensity
  • IR-free light beam
  • colour temperature (CCT) of 4.500 °K
  • colour rendering index (CRI) of 95
  • long life
  • low power consumption

The high technological level combined with the use of high-powered LEDs allow SOLED15 to have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for its entire life duration. Thanks to the high efficiency achieved, SOLED15 has a light intensity of 65.000 LUX (85.000 LUX with “Boost” function) and a low power consumption. The LEDs layout gives a visual comfort and produces a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light.
SOLED15 has a round shape that makes it handy and functional both in use and move. Its easy-to-move structure is suitable for diagnostics, test labs and dental surgery and its easy-to-grip removable and sterilizable handle makes it suitable even for critical sanitary applications.




ACEMSO15F contains all the advantages  of LED technology and is suitable  for multipurpose uses thanks to its flexibility.

The lamp assures:








15F has a light intensity of 110,000 LUX  and a low power consumption (25 W).

The LEDs layout gives a visual comfort and produces  a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light.

ACEMSO15F grants a uniform distribution of light  and can focus the light beam with a perfect illumination both on the surface and in depth providing the operator with the best working conditions.

ACEMSO15F has a round shape that makes it handy and functional both in use and move.

Its easy-to-move structure is suitable for diagnostics, test labs and dental surgery and its easy-to-grip removable and sterilizable handle makes it suitable  even for critical sanitary applications.

ACEMSO15F can be supplied with ABPS (optional), 


Surgical led lamp

STARLED3 NX is a lamp manufactured by ACEM Medical Company based on the next generation LED technology, assuring cold light, long life and low energy consumption. The lamp is suitable for countless applications both for surgery and operating room. It is ideal for diagnosis, dental sector, gynaecology, dermatology, general medicine and surgery. 

STARLED3 NX grants a homogeneous and shadowless light thanks to its special LED optics created by ACEM Medical Company that directs light beams at best according to the needs. The visual area is perfectly illuminated assuring both excellent visual comfort and working conditions. Its next generation LEDs produce an unparalleled quality of light with a colour temperature (CCT) of 4.500 °K and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. STARLED3 NX has a light intensity of 130.000 LUX with a low energy consumption of 69W. The life cycle of its LEDs is about 50.000 hours.

STARLED3 NX is composed by three reflectors that produce a well-blended and intense cone of light focusable through the automatic adjustment of the light spot diameter. Its slim, practical and compact design makes it perfect for several uses. The lamp is ergonomic, easy to move and to position and suitable for the laminar flows of the operating room. Its ENDO function (light for endoscopy) gives the possibility to use STARLED3 NX for minimal-invasive surgery too. The easy-to-clean shape and material of STARLED3 NX as well as its removable, sterilizable and easy-to-grip handle assure an excellent cleanliness.

Functions are adjusted by its innovative easy-to-read, ergonomic and easy-to-clean I-SENSE® control panel.


LED lamp for operating room

STARLED5 NX, surgical lamp with LED technology, is born to meet the needs of its user granting optimal performances, reliability and visual comfort.
STARLED5 NX boasts an excellent light quality. The special optics of its LEDs, realized by ACEM, generates a shadowless, clear and homogeneous light assuring visual comfort and best working conditions both for the surgeon and for the medical staff. Thanks to its next generation LEDs, the lamp can produce a perfect illumination under every condition generating a IR-free light, an excellent colour temperature and a practically endless life cycle at low consumptions.
The 43 LEDs which make the STARLED5 NX are circularly positioned and divided into 5 reflectors (with 7 LEDs each one) and other 8 LEDs are radially placed around the handle. The lamp produces in this way a high illumination level of 130.000 LUX (160.000 LUX optional) for a steady life cycle of about 50.000 hours.
ACRIS is the extraordinary and innovative system realized by ACEM that ensures, by the use of a microprocessor, the control of electrical curves typical of LEDs to remain unaltered over the time but maintaining a long life cycle. The colour rendering index of STARLED5 NX is 95 and its colour temperature 4.500 °K. These two values allow to reproduce the exact chromatic scale of the colours of the human body.

STARLED5 NX assures:

  • high quality illumination level for each kind of surgery
  • colour temperature of 4.500 °K which represents the contrast of the surgical area perfectly
  • clear luminosity at 130.000 LUX (160.000 LUX optional)
  • exceptional duration with low consumptions (75 W)
  • colour rendering index of 95 (CRI)
  • IR-free light without heat
  • ergonomics for an extraordinary simplicity of use and easy positioning for the medical team
  • I-SENSE® revolutionary control system for a simple, fast and precise management

In order to achieve a correct illumination according to the different needs STARLED5 NX can produce a FOCUSED and AMBIENT light. Thanks to its special optics realized by ACEM, the light field focusing system adjusts the light spot diameter accurately assuring an excellent sharpness of details in the operating area. AMBIENT light is managed by the ENDO function. This technology consents a visual comfort as well as a correct vision of the surrounding environment thanks to its particular light beam coming from the upper part of the lamp. STARLED5 NX is particularly suitable for minimal-invasive surgery and is ideal for the preparation and treatment during the operation, monitoring of the patient and microscope operations. 

Practical and functional design
Comfortable and light to move, thanks to its central handle, STARLED5 NX is also practical for the medical team who can move it from the lateral handles assuring stability and constant illumination even during the movement. Its ergonomic and practical design takes into consideration sanitary requirements essential for the operating room. For this reason STARLED5 NX has been manufactured with a smooth and resistant material that makes cleaning quick, easy and complete. Its removable and sterilizable central handle can house a video camera on demand shooting the surgical operations accurately (the video camera can be placed on a separate arm alternatively). The lamp shape assures visual comfort and is particularly suitable for laminar flows in the operating room.

All the functions of STARLED5 NX are managed by the handy, digital and easy-to-read I – SENSE® control panel positioned on the cardanic structure and adjusting:

  • ON/OFF function
  • Light intensity
  • SIZE – Light spot diameter dimension (light beam focusing)
  • ENDO – Light for endoscopy
  • DOF – Depth of field – for a full visualization of the operating field
  • SYNC – Mode (optional) to synchronize controls among the combined lamps: STARLED5 NX double (twin dome configuration) and STARLED5 NX with STARLED3 NX. The SYNC mode grants simplicity of use saving time and giving the possibility of being managed by a single operator.

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