Over the past years there was an amazing technical development in the field of gynaecology – especially in the diagnostics. Here three terms form the modern diagnostics: imaging methods, keyhole technology and endoscopy. Thanks to the developments in the field of endoscopy, today gynaecologists have the possibility to look inside various organs. If a doctor discovers any suspicious findings during a palpation he can usually determine the cause on the spot. Besides the gynaecological examination chair the integrated treatment workstation also gains in importance. Who could be a better partner than the “inventor” of the ENT workstation themselves, the ATMOS company?


Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in clinics and, to an increasing extent, in outpatient settings and private practices. Thanks to the miniaturization of the hysteroscopes, many procedures can now be performed with a minimum of trauma and without general anesthesia away from the OR. KARL STORZ has played a major role in this development and offers a number of “office” hysteroscopes with very small diameters.